Boreham Wood Football Club are delighted to announce that Ian Allinson has returned to the club as its new Director of Football.

With the players now training during the day, Ian due to his work commitments has had to stand down as first team manager after eight seasons at the helm.

With Ian’s assistant manager Luke Garrard stepping into the managers role, it was felt that if we could persuade him, that Ian’s experience would benefit everyone at the club in the new Director of Football position.

Club Chairman Danny Hunter said “I’m so pleased that Ian has accepted our offer and such an important post. The club has had to realise quickly that we are now a National League entity and one of the top 24 non league clubs in the country. As such we must get our management structure as well as our playing structure correct. As we plan on staying up there with the big boys for sometime yet”..

“Everyday there are situations or issues that need addressing at the club. Ian will be the perfect link between Luke and the dressing room and me and the boardroom.. With us moving forward the whole time, Luke and myself just felt that we needed someone of Ian’s experience, ability and knowledge both on and off the field and the whole club is ecstatic with the appointment”..

Wood Manager Luke Garrard said “It is the perfect appointment, it felt right. I have been through so much with Ian and I know exactly what I will be getting from him. I’ve asked him to be honest with me and to tell me what he sees and I trust him on that”.

“He knows the club, the players and the staff and understands the emphasis is on remaining in this league. I look forward to working alongside Ian again and hope it’s as successful as when I was his Assistant.”

Wood’s new Director of Football Ian Allinson said “I have been speaking to the Chairman and Luke over the past few days and both conversations went extremely well. I was very impressed with what both had to say and what was expected of me and how the position would fit in around my day Job”.

“This football club has been a big part of my life and to take this club to the National league with the support of the Chairman and Luke last season was a great achievement and one I’m very proud of”..

“The main thing now is to keep this club in this league and then progress from there. Having Spoken with Luke we now have to get completely behind him and give him all of the support and help that he will need going forward. There is a good management team in place with Jason Goodliffe this week joining Luke and Junior Lewis. We have a great squad with very good players, now we all have to work extremely hard to make sure this football club stays in this league”. Allinson concluded.


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