Boreham Wood Football Club are happy to announce that our ‘early bird’ season ticket offer for season 2016/17, will be available throughout the month of May and will incorporate BWTV..  

PLEASE NOTE; These ‘early bird’ offers will only be available until 5pm 31st May. At that point our season ticket prices will be increased, to come in line with next seasons match day entrance fee’s, that will be set shortly..  

The Chairman after discussions with supporters, his staff and after revisiting next seasons budget, has said, that he has tried to listen to our loyal if small band of supporters and that he will subsidise certain categories and next season’s travel club personally where possible..  

He has though pointed out, that we need to compete with the much larger clubs and their support bases within the National league on a more cost effective basis and our supporters must realise that there is only so much he can do..  

For those who asked the Chairman at the recent Q and A forum, to consider the possibility of adding both an U/16 and a STUDENT ‘early bird’ season price. That recommendation has been taken on board but he has said “I made a point on the night of saying that a club our size cannot be all things to all people and I stand by that, as National League football costs”..  

So the club will now have four different ‘early bird’ season ticket prices that will cover all 23 league games in five different categories and they are as follows;  

ADULT…. £229 inclusive of BWTV’s match highlights, interviews and the match day e-programme.. (£9.95 per game)  

OAP’S and STUDENTS…. £199 inclusive of BWTV’s match highlights, interviews and the match day e-programme.. (£8.65 per game)  

Under 16’s…. £99 (£4.30 per game)  

Under 12’s…. £30 (£1.30 per game)  

PLEASE NOTE; As requested we have also listened to our supporters, who have asked about the possibility of having a staggered payment plan.. As such we will introduce a 50% non refundable payment plan on your ‘early bird’ season ticket during the month of May. It will require a 50% down payment and that will secure your ‘early bird’ season ticket price. The remaining 50% will then need to be paid in full no later than Friday, 8th July..  

Your ‘early bird’ season ticket once processed, will then get you into our soon to be announced home pre-season programme for half price..

Details regarding our exciting pre-season programme that will feature four football league clubs and a premier league club will be announce shortly..   Thank you once again for your support and we look forward to you joining us for another season of National League Football..



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