Boreham Wood Football Club’s first team visited the Barnet Hospital Children’s Ward today, to hand out some prezzies and spread some festive cheer.

We hope that we were able to put some smiles on the children’s faces, while handing out all of the presents.

There were also plenty of photograph opportunities and autographs signed, with the children getting to chat to our first team.

Boreham Wood Football Club manager Luke Garrard said: “It was an amazing experience and an absolute pleasure to visit the children’s ward at our local hospital.

“Even if we can put just a small smile on the faces of those children when we are there, then it’s incredible.

“Seeing the reactions of all of the little boys and girls when the lads walked in with the presents, you can’t not enjoy it.

“We are a community football club, and we not only realise the importance of these things in the local area, we love doing it, I think it’s very special.”



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