Wood manager Ian Allinson gave the website, a brief update on the progress being made at the club in recent weeks, regarding players, new signings, the pitch and the building works over the close season.

“After the euphoria of promotion had died down, I sat down with the Chairman and he gave me an honest appraisal of what type of playing budget he felt could sustain. In truth though it was improved by some margin, for the league we are going into it was still very tight. In fairness to the Chairman he did promise me that he would look at a complete club overhaul in June and if he could re structure certain areas, to get us a competitive budget for the new National league then he would”..

“That overhaul has now been completed and he’s been true to his word. The budget has been improved and I can, along with my management team, start to put together the squad I want in earnest.. We have already spoken to a lot of players in the last month who want to come here. Some we obviously want but the deal has to be right for all parties. Others though good players are not better than the players we’ve got in my opinion. So I do need to be patient to improve our squad and not be in to much of a hurry to weaken it”..

“Before we start our first game of pre season in two weeks, I do expect to have signed two or three players who i’ve been speaking too. These players are of real quality and I’m confident they will improve us but patience is needed to get these deals over the line”..
“I will also leave my options open on another two players, who are trialling with League clubs in July and I want one particular player who is well known to me on loan.. I’m delighted though to have retained the majority of last seasons squad, with perhaps Ben Herd being the only player that I wanted who I didn’t manage to keep”..
“I’ve now spoken to plenty of league and conference managers about players, about attitudes and about agents at this new level. I’m quietly confident that come August 8th we’ll be fit, we’ll be organised and we’ll be ready to compete in the new National league”..

Allinson went on to say “It’s important that our playing surface remains good and is invested in as it attracts good players. I can see already that the renovations to the pitch, have it in fantastic shape and our groundsman has once again done a fantastic job for me”..

“The Chairman tells me that everything from the new entrances and foyers being built, the new education compound, the new in house catering facility to the now required CCTV and installation, is all bang on course to be completed in time and ready for August 8th. It shows me and everyone of our supporters that the progress the club are making, is both on and off the park”..

Allinson concluded “Can I finish by saying a massive, massive thank to our supporters for the backing you gave me and the players throughout the play offs. We’re now in the National league because of that support and because we are such a united club. We now have good players, we have amazing staff and we are led properly from the top. We have built a good structure to continue our progress and when you fans do come out in your numbers to support us like you did in the promotion final, our dressing room just knew we’d beat Whitehawk.. I’m now told we’ve gone and sold over 150 season tickets already for next season and we’re still only in June. So keep supporting the club, keep supporting the team I’ll put together a squad that will keep us in the National”..


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