Chez Isaac2Boreham Wood Football Club can announce that the compensation fee for Chez Isaacs, which could not be agreed with Braintree Town, has now finally been settled by an FA tribunal panel. The fee we will receive is £3,000 plus £600 vat and a 25% sell on fee is included in our favour and attached to the deal.

Though the fee and the sell on is more than Braintree Town offered us, it was not what we had hoped for.

As a club we simply cannot replace a player of Chez’s ability for £3k and we believe the compensation fee did not cover the monies spent on improving the player as much as we had in his time with us.

We had with coaching, medical and game time, certainly spent far more than theChez Isaac and Ex Wood player Pelly Ruddock £3k fee we will receive on his development. The 25% sell on is obviously comforting but it must be remembered it is only applicable if Braintree Town choose to sell the player and/if Chez chooses to move on but he is certainly a talent capable of playing at a higher level in the future.

However after all that’s been said and done, we received a very fair hearing. All parties put their case intelligently to the panel and everyone parted on good terms. We thank the tribunal panel for their deliberations and wish both Braintree Town and Chez Isaacs who still works within our PASE Academy, good luck in the future.


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