Boreham Wood Football Club are delighted to announce, that we are once again running a full community programme right up to the end of the school year that ends July 2015.

SCHOOLS COACHINGOur community initiatives over the next six months, will include going into local primary schools who request our assistance and coaching the children ‘free of charge’ as part of an ongoing inclusive club initiative.

We hope to give local schools specialist coaching, whilst helping to free up some much needed teacher time, that they can better utilise to plan timetables and teaching programmes, in a less pressurised time frame.

We also plan to run after schools clubs in certain schools and enlarge our much loved little learners programme, that we have established at the club on a Thursday for a minimal fee.

We will again look to promote our community participation, by creating more fund raising initiatives for local youth clubs at certain Boreham Wood’s home league games and we will also promote ‘free admission’ into Arsenal U/21’s and Arsenals U/19 Champions league games..BWFC COACHING

Our medical team will again be headed up by Clinical lead Megan Reid, she along with Community Physio Kate Simmonds have drawn up a well thought out health and nutrition information sheet, that will help local parents and people to create affordable nutritional diets for themselves and our young sports enthusiasts..

We will again make available at a hugely discounted rate, affordable Physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, for all local people, for all local sports clubs and for all local schools.

Our aim is to help local parents and local people, by giving good sensible advice that doesn’t preach, it simply informs both parents and children on how important a balanced diet and regular exercise is too improving their overall wellbeing.

The initiatives we list above, will be financed in the main by the club and will be run by our qualified coaching and medical staff.

We also feel It is important as the area’s senior non-league football club, that we go out into our local community and deliver positive lifestyle workshops and assembly’s that endorse these initiatives and urge schools to participate in something as worthwhile as this…

untitledCommunity Manager Charlie Hunter, who recently returned to the club after his Successful University Scholarship in America. Will head up the clubs ever growing community programme and he commented “We are evolving, enlarging and improving our community programme. I think it’s important that we run a health and nutrition programme for local youngsters and their parents. I think they’ll appreciate any help or advice we can give and If the local schools choose to get involved with this, it could be a big hit with both the parents and the children”..

He went on to say “Our staff know what they’re talking about, they care, are very knowledgeable and they look after our 350 scholars and our first team on a day to day basis. If sought they will happily give as much helpful advice to people within the local community as possible”.,

Hunter concluded, “Meadow Park is fast becoming one of the most improved facilities at our level of football. The Chairman is determined to get the club into the Conference National and to build a legacy and structure, that cares about and improves our standing within the local community for years to come”..






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