In readiness for next season, Boreham Wood Football Club will continue to reshape their work force, and have already begun their staff and player revamp.

As such, the club would like to thank a number of staff members for their contributions to the club this campaign, including first team therapist Sam Coleman, interim goalkeeping coach Michael Jordan and club analyst Charles Nichol for all their efforts and we wish them well in the future.

Wood Chairman Danny Hunter said “I have to deal with facts and the facts are that we finished fifth bottom of the National League, which makes us the worst club currently left in the league after Aldershot, Braintree, Havant and Maidstone were all relegated.

“So I have to accept that from top to bottom, none of us have been remotely good enough, because we went from being a Wembley play-off team, to a mid-table club by Christmas, to a rudderless club all in the space of 12 months. So myself, my staff, my manager and our changing room, will need to improve in readiness for next season, as such we’ll make a few important changes…

“Despite the difficulties, I am excited and looking forward to the challenge of working with my staff to improve us from boardroom to bar, from kit room to dressing room and in trying to get our first team recruitment right over the next three months.

“Our dressing room perhaps deserved a better chairman, perhaps deserved a better management structure, as it didn’t quite work last season. But together I hope myself, the staff and Luke, will create a new sense of purpose, as some of our players and staff need a genuine kick up the backside and a bit of old fashioned honesty and clarity.

“I’m not joking when I say people really do need to take a good hard look at themselves, as they have become far too comfortable here and that’s why they were making comfortable choices.

“But trust me if we don’t all work harder and smarter, then some people will need to be moved on and I mean they’ll be moved on from top to bottom. I’m not going to please everyone, nor do I want to get everyone on-board as we were fifth bottom for a reason.

“I know if everyone doesn’t look at themselves honestly and if we don’t all refocus for next season’s league campaign and commit to our academy set up, then I believe we’re going down, it’s as simple as that.

“However if I have anything to do with it and I of course will…then that won’t happen, as I’ll ensure that Luke Garrard and our structure will have an improved budget, that will have a 15 or 16 man quality squad, backed up by our academy and we’ll recreate a tight-knit focused club with quiet ambition.

“Clarity from certain personnel is still sought by myself, in regards to a number of roles and positions both on and off the pitch. I sensed some time ago, that some may not want to commit to our work ethic or our clubs academy structure that underpins our club. And if some are not able to agree or adapt to both our first team and academy timetables next season, then they may need to seek employment elsewhere.

“It’s only human nature, that some staff and players have tried to divert blame, make a few excuses or create a reason or two for our failure by blowing in my ear. But I’ve been here for twenty years as Chairman and I’ve told them all to forget the blame game and the excuses, we have all collectively not been good enough and in truth some of them did not commit enough to our football club.

“Trust me with my experience and at my age, I watch staff and players with my eyes not my ears. Some staff and players as I’ve said, have simply found it too difficult to commit totally to the cause due to secondary jobs, due to hectic home lives and a whole host of other commitments they seem to have.

“But last season is now for the history books. We must look ahead with optimism as we are still in the National League and the past is now the past. If anyone is still here next season, it will mean that they’ve shown me and Luke the commitment that our club needs and if they can’t, more players and staff may go.

“In short people must give me, my manager, our football club and our supporters their all and do it consistently. That includes showing us the correct mindsets, giving Luke the training time he needs and showing me a single mindedness and commitment that wins football matches.

“As such we know that change in key areas is needed, and more changes should be expected, as one or two player options will perhaps now not be taken up, and some people will perhaps go without us making them an offer?

“Luke and myself though must remain patient, as silly season regarding agents and new signings gets into full flow. But we are both aware that quality signings will be needed to improve us and if Luke and myself can do our work correctly, then we are hopeful that good players are on their way…

“Our vision must always be realistic and also very clear…we do need to get ourselves back on track, as we are a hardworking, underdog club with a good club structure in place. I also have very loyal staff and a loyal management team. We’ve always shared quiet ambition as we came through the lower leagues over the years, but we now need to recreate another winning group of people, who are focused to achieve all of our aims as quickly as possible.”



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