Boreham Wood FC Chairman Danny Hunter has asked for clear leadership and instruction from the UK Government in regards to social massing numbers, as football clubs, high streets, pubs, restaurants and many of the leisure and entertainment industry struggle with the dilemma of looking after the public, while keeping staff in employment.

The Wood Chairman said, “I’ve listened intently to every piece of advice given by Government, I’ve followed every piece of advice from every health authority and in truth we are getting no clear instruction or leadership in regards to what government regard as social massing numbers, is it 50, is it 100, is it 200?

“If I get no guidance in the next day or so, I’ll have to make my own mind up based on what I read, what I hear, on common sense and I’ll base it on having five children, on having 11 grandchildren and having elderly loved ones and staff with pre conditions.

“I’ve already shut down our stadium and cancelled four games in the last five days unilaterally, without any real support or guidance from the government, the FA or the National League, and our country is crying out for collective action and clear leadership from the top.

“I’ve already ensured across our whole site over the last four weeks, that we’ve had far more intensive deep cleans. We’ve also timetabled our first team, scholars, astro users and staff across the whole site, to ensure social massing limits were kept under 100 people onsite at any one time… That spread of people has covered over 8 acres, has included our stadium, car park, offices, function rooms, recreation rooms, study suites, gym, astro facility and changing areas, but I still don’t think I’m doing enough?

“If we cannot get any clear leadership from Government other than yesterday’s fudged press conference, then I will have to make incredibly tough decisions that will affect people’s jobs and people’s lives.

“I will have to base my decisions on my perception of common sense, on my perception of the health risks as I know them, and on my perception of what is the correct thing to do in regards to my staff, first team, academy and the general public’s health and wellbeing.

“I have a responsibility to all my staff as their employer and also to my family and loved ones. So, whatever I do I’m probably going to upset somebody, but if I’m not going to get clear leadership from the authorities, then I must become the authority.” Hunter concluded.


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