Boreham Wood Football Club are a little disappointed to announce, that with the 2016/17 season now entering its final few months. That our home support has this season, been hugely disappointing and has dropped 15% compared to last season.

Our drop in support, is despite offering all our supporters one of the cheapest early bird season tickets prices in the National League on 2016/17. It Is despite the first team having spent most of the season in the top half of the table and it’s despite having reached the FA Cup first round.

If you factor in that we nearly defeated Notts County, here at Meadow Park and that we are still in the FA Trophy Quarter Final, then you can see the clubs dilemma.

We understand that our club is very much at a crossroads, in regards to our ambition and we are now looking at every which way, to try and make the football on offer even more affordable to local people. As such we now propose to create a new adult early, early bird, season ticket for next season.

Wood Chairman Danny Hunter, has after looking at a few other National clubs season ticket initiatives. Decided to subsidise an early, early bird season ticket offer, for the first 100 of our adult or senior citizen supporters, who wish to buy a season ticket for next season 2017/18, at a knock down price of just £100 in the hope it proves popular.

As previously stated, this is very much a crossroads initiative, that hopes to get home supporters back to Meadow Park. We can only hope that local people in Borehamwood, Elstree, Bushey, Radlett, Shenley and all the surrounding areas realise what a special offer this is.

For any club to be offering this in the National League to its home supporters, really is outstanding value for money and it should not be passed up. However as a further incentive, If this first 100 club special offer is taken up over the next four weeks, the Chairman will consider extending it, to the next 100 Adult season tickets before the seasons end.

This £100 – Hundred Club offer, equates to just £4.30 per Adult or OAP, for 23 home National League games in the 2017/18 season. Broken down further, it represents a saving of £314 for Adults and £199 for OAP’s, based on 2016/17 match day prices.

This offer, is now on sale online and at our remaining home games via the club shop. We do expect strong demand, so ensure you are one of the new Hundred Club members for next season.

PLEASE NOTE; Early bird Season ticket prices for our OAPS, our under 16’s and our under 12’s, will be announced sometime in March. However the club can confirm that their will be no price increase on the 2016/17 for our home supporters in 2017/18 season, in any of the above categories.

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